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- 14.03.2021 - Version 7.9
3D Model export with hyperlinks for embedding 3D Mind Maps into your own homepage
- 17.01.2021 - Version 7.8
Wikidata import, 3D model export as GLB file, many new keyboard shortcuts
- 28.08.2020 - Version 7.6
Items can be moved by drag and drop and linked with hyperlinks
- 08.06.2019 - Version 7.4
New formatting options and table support in texts
- 01.03.2019 - Version 7.3
Real 3D Mode with many different layouts
- 25.01.2019 - Apple IOS
Now also available as IOS App for iPhones and iPads in the Apple App Store. The new Android version supports opening and saving databases in the cloud.
- 21.06.2018 - Apple MacOS
Now available as Apple MacOS version in the Apple Mac App Store
- 11.01.2018 - Version 6.5
Bug fixes and speed optimizations
- 31.12.2017 - Version 6.4
New formatting options in notes and descriptions, scrollable toolbars
- 11.12.2017 - Version 6.3
Full-text search in notes and descriptions, automatic MindMap creation by text analysis
- 15.07.2017 - Version 6.2
Create instantly complex MindMaps with the new function "Insert Outlined Text"
- 22.06.2017 - Version 6.1
Creating Flowcharts from Pseudocode, XML file import, embedding tables and appointments into items
- 01.02.2017 - Web App
Edit diagrams online together with colleagues
- 21.11.2016 - Version 5.2
Grouped layout
- 03.11.2016 - Version 5.1
Twitter import, new network layout, hiding items by click
- 31.05.2016 - Version 4.9
Table view where items can be rearranged by drag and drop
- 10.02.2016 - Version 4.8
Import from other Wikipedia projects such as Wikinews, Wikitravel, Wikibooks, etc.
- 15.01.2016 - Version 4.7
Memorize diagram items by using the flashcard method.
- 04.11.2015 - Version 4.6
When selecting text in the note panel the Wikipedia article belonging to to the selected text is automatically searched.
- 28.09.2015 - Version 4.5
Wikipedia articles and images can be imported. Items can be expanded and collapsed in order to show the description text in the diagram.
- 19.07.2015 - version 4.4
Images can be inserted directly into items. In the document preview, images can be rearranged and deleted. Speed an usablity have been improved greatly.
- 03.06.2015 - version 4.3
Images can be inserted into the diagram
- 29.04.2015 - version 4.2
Categories can be edited and deleted, moved diagram layout settings from the Format menu to the View menu, a saved view can be automatically restored when the diagram is opened
- 07.03.2015 - version 4.1
Import and export of tables in CSV format, the size of the visible diagram section can be defined and saved in the database, notes are initially opened read only, items with descriptions are marked with a question mark
- 07.01.2015 - version 3.8
List with items per category
- 16.12.2014 - Android App
released in Google Play Store and Amazon App-Shop
- 18.11.2014 - version 3.7
Layout and shapes for flowcharts
- 27.10.2014 - version 3.6
amazing background patterns
- 28.09.2014 - version 3.5 define categories to format items and relations alike, hide and show items and relations, fit diagram to view size by doubleclicking on the background, show number of continuative relations, download link for diagrams in the cloud, diagrams uploaded with the Professional or Enterprise Edition may stay up to 400 days in the cloud
- 02.08.2014 - version 3.4 fast draft mode
- 24.07.2014 - version 3.3 display mathematical formulas in diagrams, look up items in the web, color palettes and gradients, background patterns
- 26.06.2014 - version 3.2 symbols can be attached to items
- 21.05.2014 - version 3.1 added new diagram styles and improved the user interface
- 09.04.2014 - version 2.8 Windows 8 style user interface, uploaded diagrams can be edited online
- 13.02.2014 - version 2.7 improved text analysis and added text notes
- 07.02.2014 - now available
as App in the Windows Store
- 28.12.2013 - version 2.6 relations can be moved by drag and drop
- 23.12.2013 - version 2.5 with text analysis mode, which automatically adds  a new item to the diagram when text is selected; the new item has the selected text as title and the whole sentence as description
- 31.10.2013 - version 2.4 view switchable to fast drawing mode for smoother animations
- 13.10.2013 - version 2.3 with improved layout engine
- 07.10.2013 - version 2.2 with sliders for zoom and distance and drag and drop for creating new items and relations
- 20.09.2013 - version 2.1 with a presentation mode for easier browsing the diagram
- 14.09.2013 - version 2.0 with improved user interface, selectable arrows and Enterprise Edition with Java Backend für J2EE Servers
- 16.07.2013 - version 1.8 with a new diagram editor and installer
- 04.07.2013 - version 1.7 with WYSIWYG inplace text editor and MediaWiki import with categories
- 29.04.2013 - version 1.6 with bugfixes
- 14.04.2013 - version 1.5 with free upload of knowledge maps to the internet
- 28.03.2013 - version 1.4 with GEDCOM import for family trees and HTML formattings in names and descriptions
- 11.03.2013 - version 1.3 with 3D view and diagram export as image file
- 05.03.2013 - version 1.2 with MediaWiki database import and a function for copying the diagrams through the clipboard to other applications
- 17.02.2013 - version 1.1 with more static layout while browsing and improved memory management during import
- 01.02.2013 - version 1.0 of InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder
Import a MediaWiki XML database dump
This example shows how you can import a MediaWiki XML database dump with the InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder. The diagram is interactive - click on an item to focus it or use the search field to find a specific item.
Please click here to browse back to the initial root item.
The text excerpts are from the free encyclopedia Wikivoyage and are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.
How to create a MediaWiki XML database dump and import it with InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder
An XML database dump for importing in InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder can be created with the script dumpBackup.php, which is located in the maintenance directory of your MediaWiki installation. A description of the command can be found at in the internet. The following call creates the file "databasedump.xml", which can be imported in InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder.

php dumpBackup.php --current > datenbankdump.xml

There is also an interactive way for exporting individual pages or entire categories as XML dump. To do so, please open the special page "Export" in your wiki. The URL of this page is http://your_wiki_installation/wiki/Special:Export, for example in the English Wikipedia it is You can enter the names of the pages, that should be exported, directly or you can enter an category name and press the "Add" button in order to add all pages of this category to the list of page names. By the way, you can do this many times with different categories. Finally, select the options "Include only the current revision, not the full history" and "Save as file" before you press the "Export" button, which starts the download. Save the downloaded XML file on your hard disk. This file can be imported afterwards with InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder.
Special:Export from the Wikipedia

The command to import a MediaWiki XML database dump can be found in the File menu under Import.
Menu Import MediaWiki XML Database Dump

It opens a dialog in which you can enter the path to the MediaWiki database dump file.
Dialog Import MediaWiki XML Database Dump

Additionally you can set the following parameters:
File Path to the MediaWiki database dump file, which should be imported
Wiki Base URL Base URL of your MediaWiki installation, at which the page names are appended for directly linking them
Evaluate all Links Specifies whether all links (that means also those which are not in the context of a sentence) or only those, which are contained in whole sentences, will be evaluated

During import, links between pages are analyzed and added as relation lines to the diagram. Hyperlinks in whole sentences have a greater weight than those in lists. If there are many hyperlinks contained in your articles, then you can choose to ignore hyperlinks in lists.

After import, you have to adjust the settings for the diagram view. It is best to choose the maximum number of child elements for the levels 1/2/3/4 as 11/8/2/1 and turn the display of cross links off. Then you can save your view settings with the command "Save View" from the View menu in the database.

Wiki View Settings

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